About Us

We are experts in Shipping (Air and Ocean), Money Transfer to Africa, Europe and Mexico. We also sell Discount Goods from major retailers like Walmart, Lowe Amazon and Home Depot.

Our personalised supply chain solutions are designed not only to meet the demands of your own sector, but the needs of your particular business.

Our Culture

We set out to build the best culture in the consulting industry — one that cares about the work we do and the people we work with. A culture that celebrates individuals and creates lifelong friendships.

We can work together to uncover answers so you’re more knowledgeable, confident and own a lasting solution that goes where you want to grow.

Forge a diverse team and inclusive culture

We believe the global challenges we’re addressing will best be met by a truly global, diverse team, working together.  We’re not naive to the systemic bias and discrimination that make this easier said than done—so we check our egos, listen deeply, and measure progress towards making this a fundamental part of our success.

Embrace embarrassing honesty from ourselves and others

We function best when we're open and honest with one another - especially about our challenges and doubts.  We lean into uncomfortable conversations, and support our colleagues when they do the same.

Our Leadership

While our team represent a vast array of expertise and perspectives, we are committed to doing what’s best for our clients and our people in a way that is unmatched by other platform.

This central focus, combined with the character of our team, is what allows us to grow and better serve you.

We’re dedicated to providing you with an unmatched experience by working together to do what’s right by you.