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Send Money

If you are working overseas and you want to send money to your friends or loved ones in United Kingdom, Latin America and African countries (Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, Cameron, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Liberia, Congo), the last thing you want is to have to put up with technological glitches, delays, and other restrictions. Furthermore, it is important that you get more for your money without it being swallowed up by high fees.

Ship Goods

shipping goods to Africa with Nojad Group, the specialist in shipping parcels of any size worldwide. We have years of experience when it comes to shipping parcels Africa and shipping goods to Africa. With competitive rates and local knowledge Worldwide Baggage Services is your partner if you want to ship parcels and goods without any worries to Africa.

Discount Goods Sales

Nowadays, online shopping has become an important part of most people’s lives. Online shopping is not only convenient and interesting, but most importantly, you can have a pleasant shopping experience on the Internet anytime, anywhere.

But now with the continuous improvement and development of e-commerce, bargaining has almost become a must-do for every shopper before making a transaction, so how to buy online products at very cheap prices? Do you want to find the best price online?If you want to get cost-effective products at very cheap prices. Why spend more ? We carry quality goods from major chains like Walmart, Sams Club, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon etc at a fraction of the price.

Business Consulting

Many companies are struggling to navigate today’s challenges for several reasons, such as, a lack of understanding of business and customer insights, uncertainty about current or future market realities, a misaligned vision and strategy, difficulty innovating or quickly launching new capabilities, poor strategy execution and value realization, a culture of complacency or change fatigue, an overall lack of business agility across employees, process and technology.